Schedule & Descriptions

Tuesday Vinyasa (7am) - This is an open level class with options from beginner to advanced. Each class will include an ever building and evolving sequence of postures, inversions, arm balances, chanting, mudras, breathwork, meditation and shavasana. Various classes will also include chakhra balancing, Ayurvedic principles, aromatherapy, sound healing, etc. Not a heated room but you WILL sweat.

Saturday Restorative (9:45am)- A time for relaxing and restoration of both body and mind. Some breathwork and standing postures will warm up the body, which will help us ease into our restoration poses (held 2-5 minutes each). We will focus on our breath, creating space and openness so we can let go of whatever is not serving us. Props, aromatherapy and soothing music will aid in this beautiful process of letting go.

Soul Flow Sunday (3pm)- An open level class with beginner to advanced options for this upbeat flow to devotional tunes. An opportunity to dance with the Divine. This is a traditional class with an emphasis on our Divine union with God... A celebration of pure bhakti, or devotion. We will sing for the Lord, as well as read inspirational writings to fuel our practice. 

For now these are the only classes open to the public. Please confirm your spot prior to attending as space is limited. Also please check our FB page for cancellations due to weather, etc. The rest of the time is dedicated to private sessions, workshops and events. You can customize your class, session or special event with topics from the list below:

Hatha/ Vinyasa


Ayurvedic Principles in Yoga (balancing doshas through Yoga practice)

Yoga Therapy for Pain/ Injury

Yoga/ Meditation for anxiety, depression, addiction

Kids/ Senior Yoga

Beginner to Advanced Pranayama

Various Meditation Techniques (Japa, Vipassana, Mantra, etc)

Sound Healing/ Vibrational Therapy

Yoga Science & Philosophy

Study of Bhagavad Gita

Study of Ayurveda

Essential Oils