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The ancient rishis also enlightened us with the profound knowledge of Ayurveda. Ayur meaning life, and veda meaning the science or knowledge. Therefore translating to the Knowledge of life. It's not only a system of healthcare or treatment modality, but a way of life. The means to maintain health comprise of methods to cleanse and detox the body, increase agni, or digestive fire, then rejuvenation. A great deal of emphasis is placed on digestion and metabolism, as this is the key to health. In Ayurveda, its not necessarily "you are what you eat," but, "you are what you digest." Dinacharya, or daily habits, will depend on the qualities of each individual, and will also change according to geographic location, season, and time of day. There is no right or wrong standard in Ayurveda, as each individual is different. ITs a beautiful, LIVING science and is constantly evolving as the world does because the basic priciples can be applied to any situation. 

Ayurveda has without a doubt changed my life bringing me to a balanced, harmonious and physically healthy state! While living in India with my guruji, I studied as much as I could, went to several trainings, workshops and intensives, then finally worked as an Ayurvedic practitioner for our organization. We treated thousands of people and I saw miracles everyday. I now feel its my duty to help and serve others interested in this sacred wisdom from my ersonal experience. I will share Ayurvedic recipes for food, herbs for treating different ailments, daily activities for each dosha and how they should change according to season and much more!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, or to  schedule  private consultation.

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