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Ananya was the name given to me by my Guruji, or spiritual guide. The actual translation of Guru is 'remover of darkness.' Ananya means one with the Divine, or God. There is another term we say called 'Ananya Bhakti,' which is of the utmost and highest devotion. So without Ananya, or this devotion, surrender and Oneness with the Divine, we cant have real wellness or happiness. True healing is not just about the physical, because we are not just physical. We are a complex, multifaceted being compromised of body, mind and spirit, and MUST address all aspects in a holistic approach when it comes to healing and living life. The entire point of a spiritual practice is of course to get in touch with and awaken the Holy Spirit within each of us.

Ananya Wellness is a holistic approach for physical, mental and spiritual wellness... A reminder to awaken the sometimes forgotten, 'soul' aspect of our being. This includes a sadhna, or spiritual practice of Yoga & meditation, the science of Ayurveda and other natural healing alternatives, healthy and delicious 'peace foods,' and ways to mindfully respect our environment. 

A bit (okay, A LOT) more about “my journey”…

Lover of Nature, Art, Music, Serving God & all His Creation

My birthname is Nicole. I grew up in New York constantly trying to please others and fulfil the expectations of society. Demons of low self esteem creeped through my being, always causing me to feel like I was never good enough. There was always a sense of “I’m different,” or “I don’t belong.” To numb this pain I went down quite a dark path, but thankfully it took me towards “the light,” not to sound cheesy! After a few years of living in East Harlem, one of my dearest friends/ sister and I began a Yoga organization in New York and I realized this is THE path! It came to me that my “sole intention was SOUL connection!” However, I was still finding it hard to dive as deep as I needed. There were several moments of surrender and God guided me to India. After several trainings and workshops this “need” for more was still there. That’s when Divine intervention happened once again, and I was introduced to my Guruji, Swami Vishudhanand ji. Heart and soul instantly recognized him, even though we had never met before. This massive feeling of relief came upon me and I could STOP RUNNING from or towards whatever I thought I needed.

He was the most humble being I’ve ever encountered with a pure love and understanding of God. A true Yogi on the path of bhakti (devotion) towards divinity. Swamiji had a NGO, Gotirthashram, in the service of Gau Mata, (Mother Cow). Service to the Indigenous India Cow is considered one of the highest forms of worship in India. This was my first home in India, on the gaushala with the cows. We rescued stray or unwanted cows and brought them to the gaushalas, or cow shelters throughout the Himalayas. In Ayurveda, the panchgavya, or 5 gifts of the cow are used in medicinal preparations. Panchgavya Healthcare is our other organization which produces Ayurvedic, panchgavya based medicines and healthcare products. There were several other incredible projects Swamiji curated such as the production of alternative energy from cow dung, along with creating panchgavya based organic agricultural products.

For some time, we lived on gaushala with these divine beings. Swamiji always said Mother Cow was a form of God on this earth due to their unconditional love for all beings.  I could see this divinity whenever I looked into her beaming eyes, or when she came over to me when I was feeling sad and gently nuzzled my ear with her nose. We spent a great deal of time travelling in order to spread the knowledge of this Divine being, the Cow. Local village development, forest conservation and environmental protection initiatives were set up, along with FREE Ayurvedic health camps to heal and educate society.

Very soon life took another exciting turn, and our home became ‘the cave’. After a 40 day pooja (for the time of Shravanmas) of fasting, silence, etc. at the cave, which was just a few miles from gaushala, Swamiji felt a 'calling' to stay there permanently. He found this enchanted place many years before while doing tapasya, and slowly transformed it into a “livable” temple. When I first arrived, there wasn’t too much electricity, no running water, and LOTS of wild life, as we were in the middle of the jungle. After a few months of carrying buckets of water up mountains, preparing meals over fire, scorpion stings and protecting our home from the crazy monkey invasions, we had (almost) constant electricity, a small gas burner for cooking AND a water pump!

The long days of intense sadhana and tapasya, studying Yogic & Ayurvedic scriptures, living in the jungle and being in the presence of a true, divine being are the greatest blessings I could ever imagine. I am eternally grateful for the time spent with Swamiji and the wisdom he blessed me with. I am truly a different person, but ironically more of my ‘real’ self. This experience has changed and SAVED my life, and I hope that I can utilize these gifts to help serve others on this path towards Divinity.

I am currently living in Tennessee to help my mother on her path to recovery as she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I am grateful to say we are naturally and successfully treating her with our Panchgavya based cancer medicine, along with some other healthy lifestyle changes and incorporation of a spiritual practice.

Apologies for rambling on, but I felt it necessary to pay honor, respect and praise to God and Swamiji for blessing me with this sacred time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this (if you’ve made it this far!) lol

Much Love!


Qualifications/ Certifications

200hr YTT (Laughing Lotus Yoga School, NYC)

500hr YTT (Qi-Yo Multi Universal, NY & India)

6+ years living under guidance of Guruji (India)

6+ years Ayurvedic Practitioner specializing in Panchgavya Chikitsa (India)

Ayurvedic/ Panchgavya Chikitsa Training Courses (Panchgavya Healthcare, India)

Marma Chikitsa Certificate Course (Haridware, India)

Neurotherapy Intensive Training (Dehradun, India)

Holistic Health Specializing in Aromatherapy Graduate Course (Centre of Excellence, US)

CPR, AED & First Aid Training (Advanced Medical Certification)

Guest Teacher at the International Yog Festival 2019 (Rishikesh, India)
Co-founder of ElectroYoga LLC
10+ years working as Holistic/ Plant Based Personal Chef & Baker
Macrobiotic Chef of Mobile Macro Meals


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