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'Aahar' means food in Sanskrit. But to me, cooking is so much more than combining some ingredients, its an entire spiritual practice that has taught me so much about this body, mind, emotions and the Divine. It's like my moving meditation. The living science of Ayurveda takes over and guides me, as I intuitively add a bit of this and a pinch of that, without measurements, because that's the true essence of cooking. Ayurvedic food preperation is a deep understanding of the current state of body, mind and spirit, at a specific time of day and season. There are no strict rules, only priciples to be applied accordingly, because the qualities are always changing. So..... 

Welcome to the kitchen of Sattvic Eats and Sattvic Sweets, where I create healthy, delicious, holistic meals & treats. I am currently serving the Nashville area now as a private chef/ caterer and fulfilling custom bakery orders.


You will find mouthwatering healing recipes incorporating Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic principles with holistic nutrition. You will never find any refined oils, sugars, processed or artificial substances, only the highest quality, ethically sourced organic, SEASONAL ingredients. I've worked as a personal health chef for many years now and seeing the changes that food and eating habits have on body, mind and spirit is just astonishing! Every recipe is plant based, and can be fully vegan, gluten free, or completley customized to suit your needs. The only non-vegan exceptions I use are organic, ethically sourced, raw honey or our traditionally prepared A2 ghee from Indigenous Himalayan Cows.

Saatvic Eats Holistic Kitchen

If you're interested in healthy meal preparation or private cooking, I'm here for you! We can customize a menu for your personal needs. I also offer holistic cooking classes, live or online. 

Cooking lessons are not just limited to recipes. We will explore the fundamentals of Ayurvedic applications to food preparation and using foods to help treat ailments and bring about balance. This will include all aspects of Ahar Chikitsa such as which foods are used to balance each dosha, foods to eat according to season, time of day, food combining, eating as a spiritual practice, etc. We will also cover various Yogic principles such as the 3 Gunas (Sattva, Raja, Tama), and how they relate to food.  We will prepare delicious, plant based Sattvic foods based on the needs of you and your loved ones. Sattvic food plays an important role in sadhna, or spiritual practice.  Sattvic food is essentially "peace food." It is pure, fresh, (organic when possible), is properly cooked and balanced in the 6 tastes and doesn't harm any animals. A satvic diet limits the consumtion of stimulants (rajasic) or items that cause lethargy (tamasic).

This is a wonderful way to connect with family, friends, nature and your "higher" self.

Wishing you peaceful eats!

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Kapha pacifying umeboshi pickled daikon w/ arugula & sunflower seed pesto.

web cake.jpg

It is hard to find a truely healthy dessert no matter where you are! Even "vegan" or "gluten free" desserts can contain processed and refined ingredients and arent truly nourishing for your dosha, the season, etc. When I prepare treats, they are made specifically for an individual, or using the freshest seasonal ingredients from local organic farmers or my own garden. The decorations are truely a simply how a see their soul. I am here for your truly holistic treats, for any dietary need and any occasion. Send me an email so we can get baking <3

Vegan, gf carrot & calendula cake
w/ orange blackberry compote & 
Japanese yam frosting.




*To see more creations check out the instagram page

For more information on the food combining guidelines of Ayurveda, I highly suggest this article by Banyan Botanicals


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