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Here you’ll find helpful information to deepen your spiritual practice, explore Ayurveda & alternative healing, make delicious plant based foods & live a sustainable life. I hope this platform can serve you on your journey to health & happiness.

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Yoga Mat and Straps

Private sessions are much more effective & beneficial for students as the entire class is customized to address their individual needs. The practice evolves along with their growth & progress. A deeper, more personal connection is formed between teacher & student, which was why Yoga was traditionally taught between Guru & disciple. You can schedule a private session at our center or your location.

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Corporate Yoga

In need of some Zen in the work den? Yoga & meditation is scientifically proven to increase work productivity & decrease tension/ conflicts. Corporate classes consist of light movement & stretching to increase energy & circulation, reduce stiffness & tension. We will do specific breathing techniques & guided meditations to promote peace, tranquility & stress relief. Please contact to shedule.

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Retreats are an incredible opportunity to disconnect from everything taking us away from our innate being. They include daily yoga & meditation classes, unique workshops, spiritual exploration trips, healthy plant based food, connecting with like minded seekers and  more! We offer 1 or 3 day mini retreats, up to 5-10 days throughout the US & abroad.  Check for updates on our upcoming retreats.


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Monthly Cacao Ceremony

This month we will have a very unique and special Cacao Gathering as we celebrate Holi, kone of the largest festivals in India! We will learn about the spiritual, cultural and biological  significance and of course, 'play' Holi creating all natural hand made colors! There will be a purifying fire ceremony also honoring Holika Dahan.

Please wear clothing you dont mind getting 'colored.' 

Hendersonville Location

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